Easy-Grip ®
Interlastic Pull Loops

Center Marker Flag

10 to 20 Player PowerPull

"PowerPull tug of war ropes are the safest tug of war ropes on the market no- rope burns or lacerations no-slipping of hands and injuring others this is a god send to our school! Thanks"
-John B. School P.E. Director

"PowerPull vs. Rope, there is no comparisan the patented POWERPULL TUG OF WAR ROPES is the safest most competitive and economical tug of war ropes on the physical education market today. Many thanks"
-Bill T. Camp Director

"This is what tug of war should be exciting fun and with out injurys. The rope gave us many problems our district will never use ropes again.. Thanks"
-Janet S. School Physical Education Director

"We've used PowerPull tug of war ropes for 5 yrs and they still look like new it was money
well spentand the youth love it!"

Sue F. School P.E. teacher

"4x4 PowerPull strength trainers is WOW!! My boys get a total mental and physical work out outdoors and when rain comes we go to the gym floor and get a total work out."
Football Coach

During Pull: POWERPULL TUG OF WAR ROPES ultra-lite and flexibility increases skill and enhances maneuvering ability giving players 100% more freedom of movement. power pulls competition pulloops give players competitive grip no energy is wasted on just trying to hold on all mental and physical ability is on pulling strategy. Also power pulls competition designed features create body and knee alinaments for injury free pulling. POWERPULL TUG OF WAR ROPES precision center marker is precisely and permanently secured for Olympic style judging. The POWERPULL TUG OF WAR ROPES pro-series Olympic competition ropes create a world class level of competition pullines that the primitive rope could never achieve . The primitive rope is awkward, stiff heavy and abrasive and limits all veritility and all strategy. The patented POWERPULL TUG OF WAR ROPES are designed and manufactured to be the world leader in tug of war ropes technology.

100% Safe & Comfortable Pulling Fun



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